Pure Bentong Ginger Ultrafine Powder



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Pulverization is the new technology that has developed rapidly in the international Chinese medicine and food industry in recent years. This technology breaks the cell walls of plant organisms through high-strength impact, and the bioactive compounds in the cells can be fully released. Thus, the body’s absorption and utilization of bioactive compounds are greatly improved, and the health benefits are maximized. The pulverized materials have a fine and uniform particle size, which can be better dispersed and dissolved in the solvent.

Our newly launched Bentong Ginger Ultrafine Powder not only has a more fragrant and spicy taste, it also provides significant health efficacies. In addition, the Bentong Ginger Ultrafine Powder is easy to carry and use. It can be brewed in warm water at any time, and it can also be added to your favorite beverage, soup or dish to add a unique flavor.

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