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Since the establishment in 2008, we are committed to building health of the people and the community. Formed by a team of proactive healthcare and business professionals, our company specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of innovative healthcare products using cutting-edge technology. Our product range includes health supplements, health food, body care, ultrafine powder, traditional Chinese medicine powder, disinfectant and medical devices. By delivering affordable healthcare products with best quality and safety assurance, holistic health and wellbeing can be achieved by every individual.

About Us


Our Vision is to become the most trusted and respected global health solution provider.


We are committed to using technology to drive us to the cutting edge of research and development in bringing out innovative products for the pharmaceutical industries. Our aspiration is to be excellence in leadership, safety, efficacy, and quality products by combining our aggressive corporate strategy with perseverance and consistency to create healthier lives and promote the well-being of individuals.

Core Values

Scientific expertise in research of development technology that continuously strives to exceed this need of consumers and our clients.We are always equipped in a team of motivated sales force and experienced marketing personnel to provide quality service to our esteemed customers.


Doctors’ Recommendations

Dr. Pranab Kumar Chowdhury (Apollo Clinic)
Dr. Pranab Kumar Chowdhury (Apollo Clinic) 2
Dr. NgeE Yan Beng (Kedai Ubat & Perniagaan Lian Ann)