Dezema Soothing Shower Cleanser 500ml



Dezema is a R&D invented skin care product for people having mild, moderate and severe eczema as well as individuals with delicate and dry skin. This product is SLES free and is suitable for all ages including babies.


Unique Formulation:

Extra moisturising

  • Dezema provides a moisture protective layer after cleansing and prevents skin dryness.



  • Dezema contains bisabolol which has the anti-inflammation properties thus helps to soothe the skin during eczema flare.

Mosquito repellent

  • Dezema contains kaffir lime which is a well-known plant-based mosquito repellent.

Natural pH balance

  • Dezema possesses natural pH balanced formulation. Thus it ensures skin antibacterial characteristics.


  • Does not contain SLES (a surfactant used in almost every cleansing product) and fragrance. SLES eliminates the natural moisture layer of the skin.

500 ml